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Benefits Strategy

Our Benefits Strategy – Understanding You

We customize plans that are the best fit and value for you and your employees.

Our approach is to look at each client based on their size and industry and examine their benefits program relative to their peers. We then make recommendations on how to improve the benefit offering bearing in mind budgets, plan design options and administrative burdens. Our carrier recommendations and product selections are based on our understanding of your objectives, our experience in the market and thorough due diligence.

Most employers are wrestling with the rising cost of medical care. Our primary solution is to:

  • Identify cost drivers
  • Develop a strategy
  • Redesign a plan
  • Communicate changes
  • Implement the steps to control costs
  • Enhance benefits
  • Promote employee wellness.

In other cases employers are concerned that administrative cost and the complexity of compliance are taking too much time from daily business. Our solution is to review the existing policies and procedures, and implement changes as appropriate to improve efficiencies and free up HR time for more strategic and business critical issues.

To address significant demographic changes occurring in the workforce, we determine which products and services will appeal to different employee segments and create an effective cafeteria approach. Employees can then select the benefits most meaningful to them.