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Enrollment and Communication

Benefit Enrollment and Communication

When done well enrollment management can relieve employers of an administrative burden.

Effective benefit communication and enrollment can help employees understand and appreciate their benefits and relieve employers of administrative worries.

21st Century Benefit Advisors works with each client to determine the appropriate approach to communicate and enroll core and voluntary benefits. The choices include:

  • Traditional hard-copy paper forms
  • Secure on-line paperless systems
  • Webinars
  • Telephonic call center
  • Group meetings
  • Individual face-to-face enrollments.

Regardless of the enrollment format, employers can customize their communication materials for each employee, so the benefit choices are easy to understand and the selection process is simple to follow. The systems used are available for annual open enrollments, as well as year-round for new hires. In addition to communicating and enrolling employees, our process can be positioned to help meet other business objectives at the same time such as dependent audits, signature gathering, education and total compensation awareness.