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21st Century MarketPlace

21st Century MarketPlace – Strategically Designed, Competitively Bid, Completely Customizable

21st Century MarketPlace is our comprehensive benefits exchange solution that you can customize to meet your organization’s objectives and address the unique needs of your employees.

We offer a one-stop shop for an affordable benefit package flexible enough to meet all your employees’ needs.

In addition to core health, life and disability benefits, voluntary benefits are playing an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining quality employees. Through 21st Century MarketPlace, you can present an array of benefits that are most meaningful to your employees, depending on their individual life-stage needs. As an organization, you choose how they are financed.

A Plan for the New Workforce

21st Century MarketPlace is most attractive to organizations who embrace new technologies. Through 21st Century MarketPlace, any company can offer an array of exciting benefits. Millennials may value a low cost health plan, fitness offers, mortgage refinancing, shopping discounts for computers, apparel, movie tickets and pet insurance. Baby boomers may prefer more comprehensive health and dental benefits, critical illness, long term care and other insurances to provide the stability and predictability. The “MarketPlace” can deliver it all.

Ordinarily providing your employees with meaningful choices is arduous and time consuming. It means culling through carriers and products to find the best value; determining how to communicate and enroll the benefits; then creating an ongoing payroll deduction process with multiple vendors. We can do all this for you.

Employees need assistance to understand their benefit choices and make decisions. They need help to use the plan, obtain forms and an advocate to step in if service issues arise with insurance companies. 21st Century MarkePlace can do all this for them.

You can pick the plans, administer the benefits and answer all the employees’ questions yourself or you can turn to us. Once we understand your organization we’ll:

  • Survey your peers and industry to determine which benefits make you most attractive to valued professionals.
  • Analyze the market and select benefits and services to create a best in class bundle suitable for your workforce.
  • Create a communications plan and website for the initial roll-out, ongoing enrollment and administration of the program that employees and new hires can access for education, enrollment and utilization of the benefits.
  • Prepare a host of non-insurance related benefits such as tuition credits, home financing discounts, shopping and restaurant discounts and other services to provide employees with features not otherwise available to them.
  • Remain engaged and monitor the program closely to ensure that your needs and those of your employees are met from enrollment through claims.